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It was long drive. I was on my way back from Cape Town to Johannesburg, I needed a place to stay over. I saw on the map "Edenburg", and I was immediately drawn to it, as I grew up in Edenvale, so I thought it was appropriate. I checked into my bed and breakfast, and went to the local bar. The only bar. I could feel old South Africa as I walked in. Stuffed animals on the walls, the old South African flag above the bar, and rugby on the TV. While i was eating, a man and his wife walked in, followed by about 6 dogs. All jackrussels. They sat next to me and soon after we got talking. Their Names were Dries and Charmain. He was a truck driver, and she was recently retired, as she had a stroke recently. We got discussing his experiences on the road, and how he finds things on his long trips. One thing in particular. A tree stump, which he had made into a table. He invited me to his house to show me. These are some images from that night.



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